Creating a Presence Online and Increasing your Audience

There are several ways to creating a presence online and increasing your audience. The first is to lead with personal development and selling yourself like a product. Having your own Website or blog where you can start Creating a Presence Online and Increasing your Audience as you share your inner thoughts. You story, your dreams and [...]
December 8, 2013 0
Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development – with Andy Foote

Personal Growth and Development contains actions that improve attention and identification, develop abilities and perspective, build individual investment and accomplish employability, enhance total well being and contribute to the understanding of dreams and ambitions. What is Personal Growth and Development The idea is not limited to self-help but contains formal and casual actions for creating others [...]
December 3, 2013 0

How to get more likes on your Facebook Fanpage

There are several ways of creating an online presence and increasing your audience. Weather its network marketing, MLM guru,  internet entrepreneur or just promoting your fruit and veg shop where you have a family of blue banana fruit. One way is to produce a facebook fanpage to let your audience know what you and your business is about. Once [...]
May 15, 2013 0